Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favs {Easter Edition}

In lieu of Easter this weekend, I followed the Easter bunny around the internet so he could show me his favorite finds from the past week.  He's quite the crafty little critter, actually.

Speaking of the Easter bunny, what do you imagine him to look like?  The local paper asked our Kindergartners what they thought the Easter bunny looked like.  The answers were pretty much the same: white or light grey, a black nose, big floppy ears, carries a basket, eats carrots...all your pretty typical Easter bunnies.

Except for one little boy who said, "My Easter bunny is white, with black shiny shoes, a black top hat and cane, and a red scarf".  That sounds like one dapper candy toting, carrot eating, hoppy little critter.

But here we go...



Jello Eggs!!!!

Hoppy Easter everyone! see what I did there? :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekend Warriors

One of the perks about working at a school is obviously the longer holiday breaks (which I have become completely convinced are for the teachers' and staffs' sanity above anything else).  We have 4 days off over this Easter weekend and for the first time it will be just the Hubster and I for a holiday.  He is asking me to make ham and potatoes and everything else that usually accompanies the traditional Easter meal.  I would consider myself an O.K. cook so we will see how that whole thing goes.

But aside from church and cooking, we plan on using this long weekend to get some 'big' things done in the house.

Joe's Goals for the Weekend:

  • finish installing baseboards in dining room and kitchen *Hallelujah* 
  • start building my raised garden beds (if it doesn't snow...not kidding here)    *Praise Jesus*
Amanda's Goals for the Weekend:
  • tile
  • tile
  • tile
  • oh, and tile
I'm hoping *fingers, toes, legs, eyes crossed* that I can start and finish the tile backsplash in our kitchen.  We decided on white subway tiles with a dark grey grout.  Take a look at these inspiration pics and you'll see what I'm going for.


This is the look I'm wanting so we will all see after the weekend if I am able to achieve it!  

And fingers crossed that after I cook Easter dinner there is still a standing kitchen to tile...